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CCIS-Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Information Centre (BIC) is a central point of the “Office for quick answers”, a result of the joint project of Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade Secretariat for Economy, Regional Agency for development and EU integrations, and Belgrade municipalities. The project anticipates the establishment of Info Centres in 16 Belgrade municipalities. BIC is a place where all investors and companies, in particular SMEs and entrepreneurs, can get answers and business advices, within 72 hours. Non-financial assistance is available for the establishment of companies, promotion of business performances, increase of competitiveness, simply, quickly and free of charge. Businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors can ask questions online, by phone or in municipal centres. If a question is beyond their competences, municipal centres will forward it to the Chamber’s BIC or Secretariat in charge. The Institute of Informatics and Statistics has developed the Web application with the following functions: question processing, preparation and distribution of answers, Q&A data review. Majority of questions will be under the jurisdiction of Chamber’s BIC, to whose address users can directly send their questions. Chamber’s Associations and Centres, as well as resources of the City of Belgrade, provide logistical support to BIC.  

Ask Chamber...

...if you are founding a company...

  • ...what is the fastest and most efficient way to register company (selection of the most appropriate legal form).
  • ...which laws, regulations and procedures you need to apply and how should you do it.
  • ... about available loans and subventions for the start-ups.
  • ... for assistance in preparing business plan, about seminars and trainings for the start-ups.
  • ... whether your business idea is realistic, according to the market survey.
  • ...all about the accounting and bookkeeping.
  • ...all about the ICT: enforcement of regulations, use of ICT in business, selection of best solutions.
  • ...how can you find suitable office/storage space to buy or lease.
  • ...all about the education, roundtables and workshops.  

...if you already have a company...

  • ... all about the application of legal and tax regulations and procedures.
  • ... on available financial sources, credit lines, programs, financial leasing, bank, leasing companies and brokers’ charges.
  • ...about potential investors.
  • ...about accounting and bookkeeping.
  • ...about office/storage space you wish to buy/rent.
  • ... about the reliability of a company you consider to do business with.
  • ... about the preparation of business plans, statistical and financial analyses, market analyses, privatisation.
  • ...on environmental protection (ecological issues, renewable energies).
  • ... about applying procedures for EU funds, for assistance in preparing project proposals. 
  • ... about foreign markets and on finding new markets. 
  • ... all about the ICT: enforcement of regulations, use of ICT in business, selection of best hardware and software solutions for particular company.
  • ... on market opportunities, in Serbia and abroad, export/import procedures, EU procedures, tariffs and quotes.   
  • ... on foreign investments (assistance in finding office space, administrative procedures, linking with local companies).  
  • ... on export potentials of Belgrade companies and local self-governments.  
  • ... all forms of education in various sectors.